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Category: zuma delux

A thick atmosphere of an lonely wild planet or underwater take a look at an ocean. Anyway a sweet bear Zuma inside the amour shots colored bubbles with the aiming devise. He invite [...]
This fun and addictive puzzle game keeps your body on its toes, when you click your path through forty numbers of bead-smashing fun. You are the Zuma Kangaroo, this is your job to [...]
Play classic game Zuma version Frozen. Shoot the magical balls and match these with 3 or even more same coloured balls to avoid the deadly chain from reaching the centre more the q [...]
This is another interesting form of games with balls. The aim is identical for all of them: hit every one of the balls rather than let them reach a pocket. The only difference of " [...]
Screw and spin the yellow ball ...and red ...and green! So many balls is there! What to do with these people? Just shoot and win! Try to shoot more balls and continue the sport. Ba [...]
A new version from the classic Zuma. You gotta seek to the colorful balls and acquire rid of at the very least three identical ones.
India is really a land of thousand languages and million mysteries ... Mystic Land! Its beautiful temples and palaces relax in the close neighborhood with peasant's huts; its peopl [...]
Nothing special, just shooting colored balls and making lucky combinations. The game could be endless! Its duration is determined by your want to play. The an individual that hits [...]
Would you like to come out from everyday hustle and relax? Play a game title "Zuma" on-line! You experience a stone slab from Egypt pyramid. There are special gutters about it with [...]
A game "Chinese Quest" keeps nice surprises and disappointments to suit your needs. Design of any playing area is beautiful in addition to style of colored balls. This makes you wa [...]