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Category: Traffic controlling

This Air Traffic Chief is totally changed from other Air Traffic Games, because in this you need to draw a line for the landing planes. You have to use your mouse to click on an Ai [...]
Radar chaos is an air traffic controller game. Can you handle this tough job?
Nobody delivers death from above like an AC-130 gunship. Keep your troops safe by eliminating obstacles and baddies from your airborne arsenal!
Sim Rescue is really a Helicoptor Flying Game. As the pilot of any fire and rescue helicoptor, you have to fly for the help of stranded civilians. Hover above reducing your ladder [...]
The Air Madness 5 comes with some new features. In this game you can spin the Air Plane at 360 left or right with maneuvering commands. Graphics are also improved and enhance only [...]
Organize the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing in Air Traffic Chief. Keep your cool and don't let the numbers overwhelm you and most of all, do not [...]
Stunt Pilot is a superb plane game the place you must complete the rings as fast and as accurately as it can be. You can press the room bar to get a burst of speed however you have [...]
"You run a small Airport and need to make sure all planes land safely. Cars and other obstacles will make things complicated. To land a plain press on it and hold SPACE. Use Arrow [...]
In this Airplane Parking online game you need to Park the Airplane at JFK airport in correct Hanger. If you are not park the Airplane in the right Hanger it will be a penalty and l [...]
A fun and very addictive airport air traffic control game Sim Air Traffic Control. Sim Air Traffic game is about Control the Flights at a local airport. In this online game you are [...]